What is a Wypoint Concierge Agent?

Garment cleaners need business: they are experts in their field, but often lack the tools and time to expand their business. As a WyPoint Concierge Agent, you can generate new business for them by link in high-occupancy operations like apartments, hotels, and business parks. Many of the high-density operations operate concierge desks, a central location for operating guest services. A high-density operation implies the cleaner can make one stop for many customers. Unless you elect to function as a Direct Service Agent, the cleaner will be fully responsible for pick, delivery, order processing, and the handling of claims. The Direct Service Agent is a special case where you can accept more responsibility for customer contact in terms of claims and pickup and delivery options.

WyPoint contains tools to help you document a business relationship with one or many cleaners, in the form of a percentage of the business you bring them for an indefinite, or agreed upon time. You would then hit the field, and sign-up high-density locations to order cleaning services from your cleaner through the WyPoint System. The more cleaners, and high-density operations you connect, the greater your income. Gain more insight by reading the concierge Terms and Conditions.

 A description of the four types of Wypoint Concierge Services.

 Concierge Agent Terms and Conditions

 Direct Service Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Wypoint Concierge Service tool kit includes:

 The Guest Order Tool.

 The Concierge Desk Application.

 The Regional Application.

 The Corporate Application.