Types of High-Density Opportunities

There are four type of high-density operations to consider:


Hotels and motels are always staffed and well-connected with their guests. The WyPoint Concierge System will significantly value-add to the hotel's services without additional hotel staff overhead. The single-point-of-contact offered by the hotel simplifies the task of the WyPoint Concierge Agent to make a strong business connection.


The urban apartment complex has evolved through time into a large-scale service-oriented facility. WyPoint Concierge Tools and specifically configured for the web-centric modern urban resident. Many of the large facilities contain central desks, further simplifying the task of connection the facility with a local cleaner.

Office Buildings and Parks

The web-based WyPoint Concierge Services snaps right into the office professional environment. Busy workers can complete nuisance tasks behind the scenes, save time and trouble. Some office parks contain many different businesses, while other only one. As a WyPoint Concierge Agent, work with each unique facility and design the best service solution.

Direct Service

Ideally, most high-density operations contain a single location when a cleaner pickup and deliver operation may be located. However, should a given location not contain a workable central-location option, and yet the Agent views the location as lucrative, the Agent can elect to make desk-to-desk, or apartment to apartment direct deliveries. This relieves the cleaner from the pickup and delivery process, shifting more work and commitment to claim negotiation to the Agent. A Direct Service Agent can negotiate a high percent consignment from the cleaner.