WyPoint can promote both retail and wholesale aspects, as a function of your business goals. If you have extra plant capacity, WyPoint will present your contact information to other cleaners participating in WyPoint. If you want to expand your retail activities with pickup and delivery routes, WyPoint gives you all the tools you need.

Once you create your WyPoint vendor profile, agreeing to the WyPoint terms and conditions, you may set up any number of different cleaners, each with a different --Doing Business As-- name. Each cleaner must be assigned with one of the four WyPoint business types. The seleted type determines how the particular cleaner will be presented to customers and other WyPoint vendors. Note there are two retail types (Service Cleaner and Valet), where the WyPoint payment and customer management systems are employed; and two wholesale types (Support Cleaner and Home Presser), where WyPoint publishes your desire for wholesale business with other WyPoint vendors, but not to customers. Remember, one you sign up, you can create any number of different cleaners, using any combination of WyPoint cleaner types.

Participation in the WyPoint program provides free access to all WyPoint retail, production, and delivery software. This includes: